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With four years’ experience, Miss Print Apparel & Designs are guaranteed to amaze.

At Miss Print Apparel & Designs of Quincy, MI, we are proud of the progress we have made since starting four years ago. We started out as the small hobby of a busy baseball mom, and have flourished to include clients nationwide. Wherever you are, we’ll ship your custom creation to you!

We do custom designs for nearly every event and organization, using the most advanced printing technology to cover everything from racecar paneling to postcards. We work with our clients to guarantee that every detail is perfect, from the shade of the most minute of colors to the text blazoned across in a dashing font!

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We started local, helping school teams and small clubs with their prints. From these humble beginnings grew the desire to help people with creating the perfect design. Whether you are a large corporation, or a small community team, we will treat you like family.

From innovative, custom screen printing and embroidery to apparel decked in rhinestones, you can get wonderful designs when you choose us. Choose from sports apparel, t-shirts, and more to serve as the backdrop for our designs.

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